Post-Brexit brought some complications for ByNouck’s shipping strategy due to the new regulations. Together with We Grow Webshops, ByNouck looked for a more suitable cross-border shipping strategy to successfully ship to the UK. 

With more than 500K Instagram followers to date, ByNouck is now one of the largest international jewelry webshops. Their secret to success? A wide and diverse product portfolio, with the option for customers to personalize items.

ByNouck’s story took off in Curaçao in 2017 where the founder, Anouck Goudsmit,  started with handmade bracelets with beautiful shells from the shore. As her presence grew and more people were asking for her unique jewellery, ByNouck was born! 

The company currently ships +500 orders daily on an international scale. The orders are shipped daily from their central warehouse location in Haarlem, The Netherlands, from where it gets further distributed throughout Europe. 

For the UK specifically, the company had a shipping strategy in place in which all orders were directly shipped to the UK on a daily basis. The rise of Brexit, however, brought complications into their current process. To help secure both profitable growth and continue to deliver a great customer experience through smart international distribution in the UK market, ByNouck worked closely together with We Grow Webshops.

Shipping from the EU Post-Brexit

Due to post-Brexit, ByNouck’s biggest challenge was to ship their orders to UK customers in a quick and efficient way. Under the new regulations shipping to the UK from The Netherlands namely became more complicated and time constraining for ByNouck. Where the company could previously simply ship an order, under the new Brexit regulations you now had to pre-register each individual shipment and provide UK customs with the right documentation. This process had to be more efficient. Together with We Grow Webshops, ByNouck therefore looked for a more suitable cross-border shipping strategy to ship to the UK. 

The Solution

Based on the current shipping strategy to the UK, We Grow Webshops looked for a way to optimise this by offering a faster and more cost-efficient solution.

Under the new shipping strategy, We Grow Webshops assisted ByNouck in terms of documentation in which every order label is provided with a local UK address and shipped to the UK in bulk batches on a daily basis. Under this solution, all shipments can now be registered at once and only require one commercial invoice per shipment batch.

In addition to that, We Grow Webshops also implemented a daily pick-up through which all UK orders are directly injected in the local depot of Hermes in the UK. The result? A significant lower lead time and a higher rate in customer satisfaction through which shipments to the UK are now delivered within two days.

By working together with We Grow Webshops, ByNouck now lets many people shine by delivering beautiful statement pieces in the UK, Belgium, France and Germany.